Josh Stern

Always in love with music, Josh began playing his first instrument, the piano, at the age of 4.  His parents knew there was more to this little guy and decided to chuck him into piano lessons.  Josh’s Mom showed him how to play the Bobcat Boogie at age 5 and that was tough song to learn. He had to play it real slow to pick up on all those keys that were being hit, and that’s how he fell in love with the blues.
Josh had always been a creator and started writing his own music when he was 8.  That led him into creating professional compositions for multi-media thereby writing music for plays and theatre, giving him a “Most original Music” award by the Utah Daily Chronicle for the music he created for ‘Love’s Labor’  Lost’ in 1994 and his music helped Wesson Works Production company win an Emmy for their ‘Park Bench´ commercial in 1995.
Josh moved to Alaska in 1996 where his daughter was born, and his love for live music churned to butter.  He played with the Rock-n-Roll band, Sauce, through 2000 and focused his attention on getting back down to the lower 48.
Settling in on Utah, Josh’s focus once again turned to music and the opportunity to share.  Sister Wives, up until then an all female blues band and institution, had asked Josh for a guest appearance and eventually to become the keyboardist for their band in 2013.  Josh’s love of the blues and the butter of live music is a great fit for the Sister’s Wives.

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